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Spring Training Central
Waffle House
Numerous Florida Locations

There are numerous Waffle House Restaurants in Florida including 7 in Tampa and 3 in Lakleand. I ate in one of the restaurants located in Lakleand for breakfast everyday for a week. It was fantastic food at a cheap price and had good service. The waitresses offered credit to their valued customers, something you rarely see now, and when they made the wrong order (blueberry pancakes instead of strawberry) they offered it for half-price. This restaurant seemed like a true diner- right down to the gritty, smoke filled atmosphere. Although the specialty is breakfast, lunch and dinner is also served, and breakfast can be eaten at any time. I recommend the strawberry pancakes, or any kind of omelet. The one I ate at was located at 812 E Memorial in Lakeland, (941) 683-3413, on the same street as CDB, but like I said there are many in Florida.