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Spring Training Central

Spring Training Central Book Review

I recently had the opportunity to read the new book Spring Training: Baseball's Early Season, authored by best-selling Boston Globe writer Dan Shaughnessy with photography by two-time Pulitzer prize winner Stan Grossfeld. The book is truly amazing, and the prose of Shaughnessy is complimented perfectly by the amazing shots Grossfeld has managed to capture during his tour of the parks last year. The book is broken up into distinct sections- the history of spring training, pitcher and catcher training, Arizona stadiums, Florida stadiums, and a wonderful section at the end where former ball players tell the reader their fondest memories of March. Filled with interesting trivia, vivid history, and tons of humurous anecdotes, the book will strike a chord with any spring training devotee who is waiting during these cold winter months for March to come. In my opinion, the photograph is what truly makes this book stand out and is some of the best sports photograph I have ever seen. There are some amazing shots that could only be taken at spring training- the player batting in Legends Field who has no number on his jersey, a shot of a vendor's dozen snowcones with a stadium in the background, boats sailing in the bay behind Al Lang stadium...the shots are truly memorable and will make you reflect upon your spring training trip with fond memories. Spring Training is a hardcover book and is well worth it's $20 price tag.

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