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Spring Training Central
St. Louis Cardinals & Florida Marlins

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"Roger Dean Stadium, where the Marlins and Cardinals have ST, is probably the nicest stadium I've been to. Behind the dugouts is a good place to get autographs. When I went, a couple players, including Andruw Jones, stood there and signed autographs before the game. Along the 1st and 3rd base lines are of course great places to get autographs. If you're standing on the 3rd base line, the players have to walk past you to get to the locker rooms, and some will usually stop. A lot of the players play catch along the 3rd base line, or at least they did when I went. The pitchers are more on the 1B line, way down by RF. If you hang out where the bullpens are, you're definitely going to get someone's autograph. Behind the stadium there's a bunch of fields where they practice too. You might have some luck getting autographs there. Players that stopped for autographs when I went included Raffy Furcal, Andruw Jones, Kevin Millwood, Travis Wilson, Chan Perry, Andy Tracy, and Ryan Minor.

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"On the last day we went to Jupiter to see the Cardinals. This was by far the best place to see the players and get autographs. Before the game we walked around and found the practice field behind the right field wall. That was awesome. We were so close to the players and had many opportunities to get autographs. We stood behind the outfield fence and there was a ball that was and he threw it over the fence to us. We also had great seats. We sat in the 'Berms', which is a grassy area down the right field line. It is beside the Cardinals bullpen plus all the players who come out of the game walk by here on the way to the clubhouse. We're talking Edmonds, Drew, McGwire, all the starters. Just about all of them gave autographs when they came by."

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