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Spring Training Central

About this site:

I created this site in 1998 after I had completed my second trip to spring training. I have now visited spring training five times, this fifth time in Arizona, and each year is more exciting. I made this site so I could share with others the thrill one gets from spring training.

This website has received over 16,000 hits since it was built four years ago. In February of 2001, it was featured on the website of ESPN Magazine. Click here to see the ESPN Magazine website from the day it featured my site (large file).

About spring training:

Many people wonder, what exactly is spring training. Most of you who have come across this site know exactly what it is, but some of you may not. Spring training is when, in the spring (obviously), teams come to either Florida (Grapefruit League) or Arizona (Cactus League) to prepare for the upcoming season.

Players generally report to their camps in mid-February, and pitchers and catchers always come a week before position players. For the entire month of March, the teams play exhibition games against one another as a way to get good PR amongst the fans and as a way to get some good practice in before the season begins in April.

The teams do not seem to care much about the outcomes of the games, as players run wind sprints in the outfield in mid-game, teams compete in split squad games in which each half of the team plays a different team, and all starters usually leave the game by the 6th inning. However, because of this relaxed, minimal pressure attitude, the players are much more approachable and are always eager to meet fans.

Twenty teams practice in Florida, and ten teams practice in Arizona. Both locations are great, and I could never say I prefer one to the other.

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